Nowadays I hear more and more about the growing pressure to buy the “perfect” engagement ring. Often the fear of failure is so great that the proposer simply gives up and invites the future spouse to the jewelry store. This trend takes all the magic and surprise out of such an important moment in a couple’s life. I want to help bring that fun and excitement back by making engagement ring buying as stress-free as possible.

I can help you figure out what clues your significant other has given, strategize about how to get the ring size, and advise you on how to obtain the best deal for your budget. Once I have an idea of what you are looking for, I use my expertise to find potential diamonds, gemstones, and settings for you to choose from, or I coach you on what to look for as you shop on your own. If you live near New York City, we can even arrange to go on trips to jewelers together. By the time we create the right ring, you will understand exactly why it is the perfect choice.

Please Note: Each service is offered for a flat fee, no matter what your budget is. This guarantees that my advice is based purely on the client’s needs and the quality of the product selected.

Additional Services

For a small fee, I can also help you and your future spouse purchase wedding bands. This service is particularly helpful if you are looking to have bands containing diamonds, colored gemstones, or untraditional metal work.

I also gladly work with couples. Together you can use my expertise to navigate the purchase of the engagement ring. Couples using this service get to collaborate and create the ring together. The final result is a ring you both had input on!

Already married or committed, but want to buy your companion a piece of jewelry to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or the birth of a child? Then just call me The Jewelry Liaison! I can gladly help you create the right necklace, bracelet, or other special piece of jewelry to surprise your loved one.