Q: I live outside of New York City. Will you still be able to help me find an engagement ring?

A: Absolutely! We can easily work together through phone and email consultations. Plus, we have the advantage of being able to cover more ground between the two of us. I can meet with local NYC stores on my own, and I can educate you and give you all the tips you need to visit stores in your area. Some long distance clients might not even feel the need to visit their local stores; they may simply prefer I search on their behalf in New York. It’s really up to you how involved you are in the process.

Q: I have no idea what kind of ring my future spouse wants. Can we still find the right ring?

A: Not a problem. The fact that you’re not sure what your future spouse wants is exactly why I offer this service. In all likelihood, you have already received little hints or clues along the way without even knowing it. And if not, you can always give me the contact info of friends or family, and I can work with them to find out more details.

Q: Ring size? I don’t know how to get you that info, but I would hate to propose to my future spouse with a ring that’s too big or too small. What can we do?

A: No worries, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve for finding the ring size. Also, as long as we get very close to the right size, the store where you purchase the ring can always have the ring resized to fit perfectly after the proposal. Even people who know their exact sizes sometimes have to get rings adjusted.

Q: I want to get my future spouse a nice ring, but I don’t know how much I should be spending. What is a decent price for a ring?

A: It really depends on what style of ring you’re looking for, the metal content, and the quality of the diamonds or gemstones. More importantly, a decent price for an engagement ring is what you are able to comfortably afford. I don’t condone financing or taking out loans in order to purchase a ring. No matter what your budget, we will be able to find a beautiful ring.

Q: Do you also help figure out the perfect proposal?

A: While I am so glad to be part of the ring-finding process, I don’t help professionally with the actual proposal. That creativity and thoughtfulness is up to you!