For the Ladies

So you’ve found my business, but don’t know how to let your boyfriend know that he should contact me. You don’t want to flat out tell him (but you’d like to give a little direction), and you know he could use some outside help. One great way to let him know about my business is to have one of his friends, siblings, or even his Mom pass on the info for my website. Or they can send him one of the articles from the “In The Press” section of this website. I’ve found that most guys are happy to have all the help they can get when it comes to engagement ring shopping!

But let’s say you’ve already completed that step. Here are some really important things that you can do to help your boyfriend out before he contacts me:

  • Men are visual. If there is a certain style of ring that you want (say, a three stone or diamond halo setting), make sure that you show him pictures of it. I’ve found men are not often up to speed on the jewelry “buzz” words, but when I have a male client look at rings in person, he instantly knows whether it was something his girlfriend showed him.
  • Have a regular place where you put your jewelry at the end of the day. Make sure you leave out some rings that are your proper size, perhaps on a dresser or night table. Often I ask a client to bring one of his girlfriends rings in order to get the size. Make it easy to find your rings, and we’ll be even closer to creating an engagement ring that will fits you well. Or, if you feel comfortable with it, just tell him your ring size! The more information he has, the better chance we have of creating the ring you want.
  • Not sure what style of ring you want? Set up a fun day with your friends and go try on rings! No matter where you live, there is always a mall or jewelry district with shops you can visit. Try on rings you wouldn’t normally be attracted to, like nontraditional cuts or colored gemstones. You might be surprised by what looks good on your hand! Plus, you’ll be better equipped at giving your boyfriend hints on the ring styles he should be looking for.
  • Know exactly how you want your ring to look? Confide the details to one of your friends, and make sure your boyfriend knows he can talk to that person when it’s time. This way you still get the surprise, plus the ring you want!
Love the tips above, but want to make sure I know exactly what you want, just in case your boyfriend contacts me? Feel free to email me at I will keep your details on file, and if he does contact me, I will be prepared!