And So It Begins…

My first post! You might remember this quote (the title of this entry) from Fantastic Mr. Fox, which Mr. Fox says to Kylie right before they begin their heists of Boggis, Bunce, and Bean (if not you should rent it, it’s an awesome movie). I have waffled over whether or not to have a blog associated with my business. Do I have enough to say? Can I provide enough relevant tips without giving away everything I know? Will this wind up being like the less interesting blogging parts of the movie Julie and Julia? But then I realized, I have plenty to say! And for those of you who would love to know a little bit more about me, engagement rings, jewelry, and all things in between, well this will be the perfect place for you. So welcome, to all the women who are afraid their boyfriends will choose the wrong engagement ring, and all the men out there who are feeling lost in the vast world of the “Four C’s”… let the journey begin!


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