Sotheby’s Important Jewels Auction – Sept 2013

Auction season is upon us, and I am delighted to get back into the fun of trying on jewelry up for sale. Last week Sotheby’s had their Important Jewels auction, along with a viewing of the jewelry a few days prior. These are public viewings that I attend — so if you are ever in the NYC area you should definitely check them out! The salespeople are so sweet, and they let you try on all kinds of fancy jewels. Let’s check out some of the pieces I really liked and what they ultimately sold for!

Lot # 461, “18 Karat White Gold, Amethyst and Diamond Bracelet”, estimated at $20,000 – $30,000 USD:

Image courtesy of Sotheby's

Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

In a sea of diamond jewelry it is always fun to see a stellar colored gemstone piece like this one. The amethysts in this bracelet had a great hue — definitely purple, but with a hint of pinkish red to make it extra vibrant. Plus the faceting on these cut-corner squares was a bit like a radiant-cut. Rather than having straight facets that are parallel to the edges of the stone, they were in diagonal criss-crosses. Couldn’t help but try this one on. Isn’t it stunning?

Lot #461 S 9-2013 Insta copy



Lot #219, “Platinum, Diamond and Colored Stone ‘Rose’ Bracelet, Tiffany & Co.”, estimated at $150,000 – $200,000 USD:

Photo courtesy of Sotheby's

Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s

As long as we’re talking about fun bracelets, this Tiffany & Co. bracelet had such a great visual tale. With it wrapped around your wrist you could trace the story from bottom to top — the growth of the rose with emerald leaves and stem up to the yellow diamond petals, all set against a sapphire blue sky and illuminated by the glistening diamond moon. A special piece!



Lot #203, “18 Karat Gold and Diamond ‘Quadrato” Wristwatch, Bulgari”, estimated at $30,000 – $50,000:

Lot #203 S 9-2013 Insta copySuch a sparkly watch! This Bulgari stunner was actually quite heavy on the wrist. Perhaps it was the 5.15 carats of diamonds and all that gold! Oddly enough this watch did not sell at auction. I guess it just hasn’t found the right new owner yet. Maybe next “time” (yes, that’s a watch pun, I couldn’t help it)!



Lot #135, “Platinum and Diamond Ring, Van Cleef & Arpels”, estimated at $15,000 – $20,000 USD:

Lot #135 S 9-2013 Insta copyThere is always one piece of jewelry at every auction that I fall in love with. This time it was this lovely diamond ring. Isn’t it darling? I love how the surrounding diamonds are not all the same size. The three rounds towards the thumb are smaller, while the four to the right are larger. It’s a slight variation on the traditional symmetrical halo. Makes it special!



Which is your favorite of the bunch? Perhaps the vibrant purple of the amethyst bracelet? Or maybe your everyday watch would enjoy an upgrade to the Bulgari piece? Looking forward to the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels viewing in a few weeks. I will post about it then!

P.S. Although I mention the name Sotheby’s a million times in this blog post, I was not paid or perked to write about this exhibition. I am simply a lover of gorgeous gems, especially the ones that I get to try on!


The Geneva and Hong Kong Results! Magnificent Jewels at Christie’s – May 2013

Yes, you read that right, I am finally getting a chance to post about the items up for sale at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva as well as the Magnificent Jewels auction in Hong Kong that both occurred back in May. You may remember my post about the jewelry I saw that sold in their US auction back in April. Consider this a summer bonus post! There aren’t any auctions to cover again until September, so this is a fun way to enjoy these amazing pieces a little longer. Let’s dive in!

Lot #1736, “A Sapphire and Diamond Necklace/Brooch, by Cartier”, estimated at $543,664 – $776,634 USD (Hong Kong auction):

Image courtesy of Christie's

Image courtesy of Christie’s

The loop detail on this necklace is such a great touch, since it is wrapped around the innermost “strand” of the necklace. This gives it an amazing three dimensional quality, as opposed to a necklace that just sits flat against your neck. You can see a bit more of the detail here:

Image courtesy of Christie's

Image courtesy of Christie’s

One of the other magnificent aspects of this necklace is the fact that the center area with the sapphire is actually a detachable brooch:

Image courtesy of Christie's

Image courtesy of Christie’s

This 17.95 carat sapphire, of Sri Lankan origin, has also never been heat treated. That gorgeous blue color is completely natural.  Such a beautiful piece!



Lot #1611, “An Exceptional Padparadscha and Diamond Ring”, estimated at $1,035,223 – $1,552,835 USD (Hong Kong auction):

Image courtesy of Christie's

Image courtesy of Christie’s

The 73.98 carat padparadscha in this ring was enormous! I couldn’t take any millimeter measurements of it, but it was definitely larger than a quarter. Padparadscha, which gets its name from the lotus flowers of Sri Lanka, is a member of the corundum family, which includes sapphires and rubies. The peachy-brown color of this particular piece was just stunning in person. It was perfectly paired with the rose gold setting, which only enhanced the pink color.



Lot #288, (official description not available), estimated at $6,500,000 – $8,500,000 USD (Geneva auction):

Lot #288 Christie's GenevaThis huge 76.91 carat diamond was amazing to breathe on! With an F color and VVS1 clarity, it was great to get to see it unmounted, rather than set in a piece of jewelry as many of the others were at the auction. The culet on this diamond, which is the either pointed or flat facet at the bottom of the stone, parallel to the table (top facet), was flat and quite large. If you look closely at the photo above, in the center of the diamond you can see a large darker circle. When viewed from the top it was very apparent, but it worked well with the rest of the way that the diamond was faceted. So much fun to get to see it out of the case!



Lot #283, “A Spectacular and Highly Important Diamond”, estimate “in the region of $20 million” (Geneva auction):

Image courtesy of Christie's

Image courtesy of Christie’s

This 101.73 carat pear-shaped diamond, named “Absolute Perfection”, is the largest D color Flawless clarity diamond to be offered for sale. It was discovered in De Beer’s Jwaneng mine in a 236 carat piece of rough that took a whopping 27 months to polish! At the NYC viewing that I attended this diamond had its own black tent set up in the room, complete with a velvet rope and a guard. No photos were allowed and I couldn’t get very close, but the diamond shone bright in the special lighting and black background. It would have still been Flawless even if I could have gotten close enough to inspect it!

PRICE REALIZED: $26,737,913 USD (world auction record for a colorless diamond)

Harry Winston is the new owner of this diamond, and has since renamed it “Winston Legacy”. Another fun fact is that the Geneva sale totaled $102.1 million USD, the highest result ever for a various-owner jewelry auction at Christie’s.


Wasn’t that a nice distraction from all the record-breaking temperatures here in NYC this week? Which lot did you like the best? I loved the loops of the sapphire and diamond necklace, along with the fact that it could be converted to just a brooch. At that price it’s nice to have two pieces of jewelry in one! I was also a bit surprised that the padparadscha ring and the 76.91 carat unmounted diamond didn’t sell. They were both such beautiful pieces. Perhaps we will see them again at a future auction!

P.S. Although I mention the name Christie’s a million times in this blog post, I was not paid or perked to write about this exhibition. I am simply a lover of gorgeous gems, especially the ones that I get to try on!