“Every time I look at her ring I thank you for helping me. From educating me about diamonds to guiding me through the selection and purchasing process, you gave me a level of confidence and clarity I never thought possible. I truly couldn’t have bought a ring of that quality while staying in my budget without you. Thank you!” – Axel G., NY

“My brothers referred me to Molly some time ago, knowing that when the time came, I would be absolutely helpless. From the initial consultation and diamond education to the finished product, I can’t imagine an easier and less daunting process. As I live in Boston, Molly served as both the visionary and on-the-ground protector, lending her expertise and honesty when I needed it most. The end result was flawless and I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you, Molly!” – Connor H., MA

“A friend recommended me to Molly, knowing that I had no idea what I was doing in buying an engagement ring. I told Molly the types of rings that my fiancée was interested in and the price range. She found an amazing value, saving me a lot of money, especially since I probably would have been taken to the cleaners, not knowing much about jewelry. She provided an excellent value and was very clear, honest, straightforward and timely throughout the entire process. My fiancée was extremely happy with the ring and constantly gets compliments for it.” – Atif N., CA

“We’ve been together for over 11 years and for several years I’ve wanted to propose but kept putting it off because I didn’t know who to trust and how to get a ring that would be a personal expression of our relationship. Molly knew just how to assist me and turn my ideas into an original design that is a perfect distillation of myself and my future husband’s life together. When I proposed he was overwhelmed and moved to tears by the unique ring that Molly helped me bring to life.” – Chris Y., NY

“Every time I see her beautiful ring glinting in the sunlight, I am so glad to have had your help in finding a matching gemstone. When I stepped into the jewelry store, I had no idea what to look for or what to ask the jeweler. You were very professional and thorough, checking each stone carefully, and took charge just the way I hoped you would. The one you chose was absolutely perfect and every time I look at the ring I am glad to have had your help. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Thank you!” – Adam V., NY

“I was referred to Molly by a random connection, since her service sounded really valuable. I am a traditional guy and wanted to buy a ring for my future bride without her help, but therefore needed someone to show me who to talk to, how to think about my choices, and to make me feel secure that I’m not being swindled. Molly delivered on this value and she is also a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased with the experience (and so is my bride), and I recommend this for other guys who like the idea of a traditional marriage proposal where bride has not yet seen the ring.” – Solomon M., CA

“Molly was hired by my fiancé to pick out my engagement ring, and she couldn’t have done a better job! I had my heart set on a particular design, but the ring that Molly put together (of the same design) surpassed what I expected. Molly clearly has a talent and eye for picking perfect stones — my ring is so eye-catching people stop me to compliment it. But what’s even better is that she really maximized the ‘bang-for-buck’ factor. My ring looks deceptively large! Many thanks to Molly for helping my fiancé pick the ring of my dreams for me! I would highly recommend her to any guy or gal in the ring market.” – Monali J., CA

 “After the birth of our third child, I thought it was time to purchase a romantic ‘push present’ for my wife. I did a little shopping on my own in Manhattan’s Diamond District and saw some pieces that I liked, but had no confidence that the prices I was quoted were fair. A friend recommended the Ring Liaison. It was a great recommendation. I believe I paid 30% less than the prices I was quoted, even including the consulting fee, for a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet my wife loves.” – David S., NY

 “My fiancé and I hired Molly to help us with my engagement ring, and we could not have been happier with our decision. She really got us and understood the unique stone I was searching for, and I now have a FANTASTIC ring. When you hire Molly it’s like shopping with your best friend who actually knows the industry and knows when you should walk away and exactly what questions to ask. She really puts her heart into her work and we would recommend her to anyone shopping!” – Erin H., NY

 “Molly is a tremendous resource – very thorough in her approach, and the end result is outstanding.” – Pranay R., NY